Why You Should Invest in a Smokeless Fire Pit

We all love a good fire pit. Nothing beats an evening outdoors around a fire; it taps into the whole human experience of history and makes us feel connected to the great outdoors.

Why you should invest in a smokeless fire pit rather than a traditional model is simply because the smokeless version is so much better!

A smokeless fire pit is an excellent addition to your garden, decking or patio. It will keep you feeling warm on chilly nights outside and you can use it for grilling food in the same way as a barbeque. Yes, you can use a traditional fire pit but a smokeless fire pit is just so much better.

So what’s so great about a smokeless fire pit?

A smokeless fire pit is clean. It produces far less ash than a traditional fire pit and it does not leave a smoky bonfire smell on your clothes. It is easy to clean, it runs clean and it is perfectly adapted for multiple uses such as taking it on camping expeditions or using on your decking or in your garden.

A smokeless fire pit runs on wood, charcoal or wood pellets so it does not require any special fuel and although it does generate some smoke, this is far less than a traditional firepit so will keep your neighbours happy as well.

Popular Mechanics tested out some fire pits and came up with a great range of choices across all budgets. Here are three great options.

The Innostage Smokeless Fire Pit is a great budget option at around $80 on Amazon. It is manufactured from stainless steel and has an eye catching hexagonal shape. There are bottom holes for venting and it comes with handles it’s easy to shake out the ash once the fire is out. It only weighs 16lbs and as there is also a carry case it is the ideal choice for camping.

Solo Stove Yukon 27-Inch Wood Burning Fire Pit with Stand is a beast of a smokeless fire pit weighing 42lbs. it produces a lot of flames and loads of heat and is constructed from high quality stainless steel. You can use it on wooden decking because it comes with a stand and although this model is expensive at $559.00, there is no better on the market.

Dragonfire Smokeless Fire Pit this is a great option with added built in safety. It comes with a spark screen so it prevents sparks flying and it also comes with a stand, a deflector ring which fits underneath for added safety and a water proof cover. This fire pit is big. It can hold 16” logs. This smokeless fire pit looks great. It is available in a black or bronze finish and can throw out tons of heat. It costs $239.99 and is a great option in this medium price range.