Ways to Launch a Hair Salon in Your Home

Opening a hair salon in your home is a big undertaking. You might already be cutting and styling hair for your close friends and family at your kitchen table, but if you want paying customers too, you can’t just put a sign up that you are open for business. It is illegal to run a hair salon from your home unless you fulfil certain criteria. Strictly speaking it is technically illegal for a cosmetologist or hairdresser to do hair at home.

However if you do want to launch a hair salon in your home you can do it just as long as you go through the correct procedures and have the available space. First up, you need to make a business plan. Research is important so find out what the hair salon market is like in your area and identify your target customers. If it all looks good on paper you could be on to a winning idea!

How to Get Started

The law states that your hair salon should be divided from your living space by a permanent wall and have a separate entrance.

Before you start building, you should check with your local government office. You will need a license to open, and there may be other requirements such as a fire department licence and more. You will need to show your cosmetology licence as well. You need to get all your paperwork in order for your hair salon before you can open.

All this might sound like a hassle, but owning a hair salon and running it from your home can be fun and extremely profitable. Your home might be in just the right area which is crying out for a hair salon.

Choose Natural Hair Products

Once your hair salon is fully operational, you will need to think about hair products. Choosing toxin-free, organic hair products for your clients is ideal. One great product that caught our eye is Herbatint – a natural ammonia free and paraben free color range. Herbatint covers grey hair in one application and provides a fantastic choice of colors from the wild vibrant deep hues such as red and purple, to natural tints and highlights.

Herbatint is a well established family business based in Italy and is well known for its wide range of natural permanent colors. Because all Herbatint products are natural, they are great for nourishing your hair. They include herbal extracts such as witch hazel, rhubarb, and white birch. All hair colors are available and all shades give long lasting fantastic results.

Extremely popular in Europe as well and now available in the USA, Herbatint is probably the best hair color brand on the market today, yet is still inexpensive. So for the hair salon owner who needs to be mindful of costs but wants to provide good quality hair care, Herbatint is a winner all round. 

As for other natural hair products for salons, there are several great options out there. We wish you lots of luck in your efforts to launch a hair salon in your home.