Things You Can Build with 2x4s

There are plenty of things you can build with 2x4s. This is a fantastically adaptable lumber size so with a little ingenuity, some left over wood plus tools and a plan, you have a wide range of useful objects open to you.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things you can build with 2x4s.

Open Shelf Vanity

How about an open shelf vanity case unit? This is a simple wooden structure that avoids you having to make tricky things like doors. The 2x4s can provide the support structure to the unit, with the shelves themselves also constructed from 2×4 wood pieces. Once you have measured and screwed the fixings in place, you can stain or paint the structure so that all the pieces look uniform and smart.

Storage Shelves

You can create fantastic storage units and shelves for the garden or workshop. If you want to store paint for example you can tailor the width and height of the shelves to your precise needs. If it is for the workshop, it does not have to look that neat but it will tidy your work area and it will add a rustic charm to your surroundings.


How about a potting bench for your greenhouse or shed? 2x s are great for this. You can easily make a simple wooden table support, plus an integrated high wooden area for hanging things, such as garden tools and twine. A bottom shelf can be added for storing heavier items such as bags of compost.

Other Ideas

You don’t have to only look at functional garden and workshop structures. Depending upon your woodworking skills, there are plenty of things you can build with 2x4s that will look great indoors. Reclaimed wood for example lends itself very well to making rustic tables. Individual shelves and shelving units not only help keep your room looking uncluttered, but they can be great points of interest in their own right.

These types of rustic furniture options have a contemporary appeal, and even if your woodworking is not perfect, careful finishing and staining will bring them back on track, giving even the odd mistake a real wow factor.

As with all woodworking, the secret to success is to measure and to cut the wood accurately. That way your shelves or table will remain straight and be fit for use.

The best way to find things you can make from 2x4s is to decide what you need and then try and find a rough plan online. However, you don’t even need to do this if you are more confident.

 As long as you have some tools, such as a good saw, a mitre, and plenty of wood screws, you can pretty much build what you like. And the good news is that if you are using free or cheap offcuts, any mistakes are not expensive. After all, if your luxury 2×4 table does not go exactly to plan, you can always use it in the shed or the garden, or even dismantle it and have another go!