The Importance of Protective Eye Wear When Doing Home Projects

October is Eye Injury Prevention Month, so it is a timely reminder that we must do more to protect our eyes. Over a million Americans suffer an eye injury each year and according to statistics; over 90% of these could have been avoided had the victims worn protective eyewear.

Many of these accidents take place when doing home projects, such as woodworking, home improvements, or hobbies and they can be extremely shocking and unpleasant. An eye injury usually only takes a second to happen but can lead to long lasting and often painful treatment, sometimes resulting in a loss of eyesight.

Once you have already experienced the pain of an eye injury, you will never again forget to wear eye protection but the best option is to prevent this before you learn from the painful experience.

Common Causes of Eye Injuries

An eye injury can happen at any time. One common cause of household eye injuries is getting solvents or chemicals in your eye as splashback, when a tiny drop of a chemical splashes into your eye, causing extreme pain and temporary blindness.

Mixing cement, plaster, or building materials also is known for causing splashback eye injury. Chemicals such as woodworm killer or other chemical treatments for the household can be lethal to eyes, and although you may feel that there is no need to wear eye protection because you are careful, accidents can happen and often do.

Getting foreign bodies lodged in your eye can cause serious damage. Putting on your eye protection is the only way to avoid certain injury.

Some eye injuries are more unexpected and can occur when carrying out routine tasks. Hair dye, for example, can cause permanent eye damage if it drips into your eyes, so make sure you protect your eyes beforehand and never attempt to dye your eyebrows. Applying mascara can be equally problematic if you are distracted and jab the brush straight into your eye.

Being hit in the eye can cause serious eye damage too. A bungee cord for example can snap under strain and should you stand too close, and it hits you in the eye, you will probably need to call an ambulance

The bottom line is that an eye injury can be unexpected, and sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent it. However it is important to remember the statistics.

Remember, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology 90% of eye injuries could have been avoided by wearing eye protection, so don’t add to this shocking statistic and always consider your own eye safety. There is simply no excuse for forgetting your protective eye wear, however careful or safe you believe that you may be.