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Creative Ways to Reuse & Recycle Mason Jars

Mason jars are wonderful. They can be recycled and used again and again for a range of different purposes. We all tend to use them for storage; they are great in the kitchen or pantry for storing food such as rice, dried beans, and pulses. They are also good for storing preserves such as jams, pickles, and chutneys. However, mason jars are not only useful as food storage jars. There are numerous creative ways to reuse and recycle mason jars, so let’s take a look!

3 Creative Ways to Reuse & Recycle Mason Jars

Mason Jar Solar Light

Mason jars make beautiful solar lanterns. These are fantastically easy and cheap to make, they create a magical ambience at night time, and how they work is genius.

To make your mason jar solar lamp, you can simply buy a kit from Amazon, which will provide you with the lids fitted with solar panels, the wire handles, and a string of LED lights.

To turn your mason jar into a solar powered light, just replace the original mason jar lid with the solar panel lid, put the LED lights inside the jar, and fit the handle around the neck.

Don’t forget to leave your solar lamp out in the sun so that it can charge, and that way it will stay bright all night!

Mason Jar Herb Garden

There are many creative ways to reuse and recycle mason jars, and one we loved was this mason jar herb garden. It is easy to do. Simply wash your mason jars and then line the bottom of the jars with pebbles. Add potting compost on top and then plant your herb seeds or small herb plants.

Place your herbs on a window sill and keep them well-watered. You might need to move your herbs later to a larger pot if they grow too big, but this is a great way to start off seeds and smaller plants, and it looks very attractive in the kitchen. Don’t forget to label each jar with an attractive sign – it looks good and reminds you what you have planted!

Mason Jar Citronella Burner

Summer can be spoilt by mosquitoes and other pests that bite! Put citronella oil in a mason jar, add a wick, and make a hole in the lid for the wick to get through and to let light it!  The mason jar citronella light does not only deter insects, but it also creates a lovely candle light and ambience.

Other Creative Ways to Reuse & Recycle Mason Jars

Mason jars are useful and attractive, so it is a mistake to simply throw them away. You can use them to transform your store cupboard or pantry, and they are also fantastically useful in crafts and in your pantry, garage, or workshop for storing materials.

A shelf of mason jars containing all your useful and necessary bits and pieces looks great and keeps your craft area neat and tidy.

Mason jars can be very decorative. Fill them with pebbles or shells from your last beach visit as a tangible souvenir of your day. Fill them with brightly colored marbles so that they catch light in your living room. There are so many creative ways to reuse and recycle mason jars that these great jars should never be consigned to the trash!

Creative Uses for a Used Wood Door

An old wooden door does not have to be thrown away or burnt. With a little imagination and creativity, you can repurpose your used wood door into a spectacular and useful feature. Here are some ideas to help you on your way.

Decorative Ideas for a Wood Used Door

A used wood door can look great as a backdrop to a shelving unit. Fix the door in place to your wall and then use it as a support to simple wooden shelves. You can even fix a vintage mirror to the structure. A distressed wooden door can add a vintage appeal to your home décor and it gives you a place to display your ornaments or books.

Table or Coffee Table

If your used wood door is in reasonable structural condition, why not use it to create a table? You will need to construct a wooden frame support first, but this is a great way of getting a unique and attractive table top that you could not buy in the shops.

A used wood door can make a great coffee table too. Cut the door to the required size for the table top, and use the remaining pieces as a support to the sides. You may need to get an additional piece of wood for the base to strengthen the structure.

Garden Feature

Your used wood door can make a charming garden feature. Add a couple of shelves or a small table and paint it with a distressed finish. You now have a handy feature where you can store little bits and pieces that are useful in the garden.


A used wood door was built to last so why not use it to create a bench either for your lounge or for your garden? Cut the bench to size, remove the part with the handle, and use half of the door as the seat and the other half as the backrest.

Beverage Cart

If you have ever fancied having your own bar, your used wood table can make a fantastic beverage station or drink cart. Just add a couple of shelves for your drinks and a large one for the workstation and you are good to go. You can display and store bottles and handy utensils such as bottle openers, corkscrews, and an ice bucket. Don’t forget to paint your new unit first to give it a great distressed vintage look.

The important point to remember about used wood doors is that doors were built to last, and although this one may now have had its day as a door, there are still plenty of great uses for it. Giving an old door a new lease of life is a fantastic way to customize your home décor or bring extra interest into your garden.