Summer Flamingo Craft Ideas

Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to think of fun things to do with the kids. It’s always fun to make things with a summer vibe, so what better subject is a flamingo? These cute and stately pink birds always bring a smile to whoever sees them wading around a pond or a lake. So check out some great summer flamingo ideas to make in your home and delight everyone who sees them

Flamingo puppets

You need the following supplies: 

  • Pink and black cardstock paper
  • 1 Pink feather
  • Googly eyes – available from any craft store 
  • ¾ circle hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Glue

First up cut the flamingo’s neck, head and body shape out the pink cardboard paper. Use the black paper to cut out the beak. 

Use the circle punch to make two holes at the base of the flamingo’s body – this is where your fingers will go. 

Glue the flamingo together and add the pink feather and your puppet is ready to go. Make a few of these puppet flamingos and your kids will enjoy making their very own puppet show! 

If you are good at sewing, why not make your very own flamingo stuffy?

You will need some good quality soft material in pink such as chenille, fleece or quilting cotton, plus some black material for the detail, some white felt for creating the pattern and some googly eyes or felt pieces for the eyes. 

First cut out the face pieces. The easiest way is to do this in the felt and then transfer the design to the pink material. 

Then pin and sew the black beak pieces using black embroidery cotton and a simple uniform stitch.

Add the googly eyes or the felt eyes if you are making this for a young child. 

Cut the wing pieces. These need to be double the size and sewed together, leaving one edge open so that you can insert the stuffing. 

Sew the complete body and head and wings together and insert stuffing.

Finally add the legs. You can use a chip stick or a long paint brush as a pattern and just sew up the edges, leaving an opening for the stuffing. Once you have stuffed the legs, sew these to the rest of the plushy and you are done!