Rustic Wall Art Decor Ideas

Introducing some rustic wall décor into your home gives your space a beautiful natural look that can feel very cozy and welcoming. So check out some natural elements such as wood and wrought iron and start decorating your living space to create a home loving vibe. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Create a family corner of photos: Use rustic wooden frames in different sizes and materials too if you want. Choose large prints and smaller photos and arrange them in a pleasing display. A rustic display needs to look natural so there are no rules for arrangement. You can add to the collection or move it around as you like. 

Make hanging frames from distressed wood: Take some reclaimed wood that already looks distressed and rustic. Alternatively distress it your self by making some holes and scratches and covering it with whitewash. Fix some attractive rustic knobs and use these as a way to suspend pictures, signs and photographs. You can distress your picture frames too by covering with white wash. You can also use the frames to display signs and objects of interest. 

Add an oversized vintage clock: These can look great in the right setting and are easily available from any home décor store. Choose one with the right look such as an old station clock and for added impact design some rustic touches around it. For example try adding a couple of small shutters complete with natural plants to enhance the ensemble. 

Inspirational signs: These can be great as long as you don’t overdo it or your living space will just look like a variety of instructions to live, love and dance or drink Prosseco. Choose an inspirational sign that means something to your personally and add a decorative metal frame or alternatively a rustic wooden one. An inspirational message doesn’t need to look cheesy, if the message is meaningful. 

Add mirrors for added light: The mirrors do not need to match; after all we are aiming at a natural rustic effect, so just get some vintage mirrors and position them where they catch the light. Small touches like this will add to the rustic charm of your space and introduce color and light as well. 

Get some old shutters and fix them on your wall: Old shutters make for fantastic decorating pieces. Just fix them on your wall and use them to design individual arrangements and collections around them. One lovely point about distressed shutters is that it creates the illusion of another window where you could be looking out on some magnificent scenery in a rustic setting. 

Oversized stencils on chalk board: Get a couple of old fashioned chalkboards and display them in a central part of your room. Use vintage style stencils to create a simple message that reflects your feelings. This works fantastically well for a romantic message and creates a stunning impact. In addition, if you and your loved one do have a row or an argument, how you really feel is written there in black and white!