Repurposing Garage Sale Items to Create Home Décor

We love garage sales. And when it comes to creating a unique home space, you can’t go far wrong with repurposing garage sale items for your décor. You have such a wide choice of items available when you start looking through second hand items, and although most of it may be rubbish, most people have a couple of gems hidden away. If you want to create some original and quirky home décor, your local garage sales should be your first choice. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Try Repurposing Garage Sale Items?

Interesting quirky items from a bygone age can look great in your home, especially if you add your own designs and flair. Old style furniture may look worn out and tatty when you buy it, but repurposing garage sale items like these can look fantastic once you have finished with them.

For old wooden drawers and wardrobes, simply rubbing down and repainting will instantly give them a new lease of life. Reupholstering old chairs with some cool modern material will not only save you money, it will look unique and stylish as well.

The important thing to remember about old furniture is that in many cases it was built to last. You can find some real bargains out there, such as book shelves and occasional tables, dining room tables, and more. Re-painting, or sanding down, and re-varnishing is often enough to bring vintage furniture back to life.

More Items to Repurpose

Quirky items such as vintage birdcages and coat stands can create a wonderful modern Victorian appeal. Ornaments too can have their unique charm especially if you have a theme in mind such as vintage, nautical, or animals.

Old records and old record sleeves can make wonderful household ornaments, especially if you are musical. Old instruments, such as guitars or native drums can provide a musical ambiance – and you never know, you might pick up a vintage Les Paul or other great bargain hidden amongst the packing cases and general junk.

Plant pots and old fashioned kitchen utensils can add a homely appeal to your kitchen or even your garden. Old fashioned tins and containers can be made into interesting arrangements for your living space. An orange box makes a cool bookshelf or umbrella stand. Big glass jars that you fill with colored stones or crystals will liven up any dark corners in your home.

Storage space is always important. Old style cases and valises can be repurposed as storage spaces and even used as occasional tables if you stick them all together.  

The important thing to remember about garage sales is that you will never know exactly what you might find. And for the keen home decorator an eye for style will enable you to see the true possibilities of any object that other browsers may just consider as junk.

Upcycling and repurposing garage sale items is fashionable right now. We live in such a manufactured mass produced world that stepping outside the chain stores and into the garage sale is not only good for the planet; it can provide a fantastic décor to any home.