Renovating Your Bathroom: Why You Need a Portable Bathtub

Did you buy a house only to realize that there is no bathtub? Are you tired of the high maintenance involved in cleaning and taking care of a permanent bathtub? Well, for those who just want to relieve themselves from stress and save money on going to the spa, here are some of the top reasons why you need a portable bathtub.


These tubs can come in various shapes and sizes as a result the cost of each of them also varies. If you are concerned about your budget don’t worry, you can easily get a good-looking portable bathtub for as low as 60 to 300 dollars. While if you are into a more automated, fancy, or advanced type of tub then it could cost you over $500. It all depends on your tastes and choice.


For those with no permanent bathtub at home, getting a portable bathtub might be the only solution. Portable bathtubs can come in a variety of forms, some foldable others inflatable all providing a storage-free solution. Foldable bathtubs can easily be tucked away behind the door, under the bed, the cupboard, or drawers. An inflatable bathtub can be easily stowed away at convenience after use creating a sufficient amount of space when not in use.


When thinking about acquiring a bathtubs comfort is one of the key factors taken into account. Taking a warm dip convenient dip is the idea expectation when planning to take a deep to relieve one’s self from stress or tension. Their comfortable sizes make it possible for people with heights up to 6.2ft to enjoy comfort while taking a warm bath. Inflatables also come with a pillow and handrest for maximum comfort.


Another key factor is how convenient it is to carry and pack your bathtub making it possible to use on camping or outdoor chilling. They are also equipped with cup holders, which can also be used to store other items too. Portable bathtubs come in different types like safety tub, which is lightweight and easy to carry, convenient for a camping and outdoor trip. Equipped with easy drainage, an electric pump, and an auto inflator making it easy to use anytime you feel like taking a dip.


Beautify and compliment your bathroom with the most stylish and modern-looking portable bathtubs. With lovely colors and materials, they not only stand out but complement the room. 


Made from the best eco-materials many portable bathtubs both inflatable and foldable are environmentally friendly. Their high-density PVC materials makes them highly durable and long-lasting. They are also designed in different sizes making a hot bath possible even in a small bathroom.Portable bathtubs are a very good substitute for a permanent bathtub. It all comes down to making sure the material can be easily maintained and durable. If you planning to renovate your bathroom you might want to consider checking here for more information and bathtubs to consider.