Projects Using Wood Blocks for Crafts

Wood blocks are aesthetically very pleasing. You can buy them from craft supply shops and they feel pleasantly tactile in the hand. They also offer a range of possibilities for crafting and with such a pleasing and inexpensive base material, many of us buy them without much idea of what to actually do with them.

So here are some projects using wood blocks for crafts to get you started. We found these great ideas online and can’t wait to get started!

Make a DIY wooden puzzle:  Paint the blocks so that they form geometric shapes or circles when fitted together. You can also paint letters on the blocks so that when they are fitted together correctly they form a phrase or a name. These can be fun to play around with and make an attractive addition to your home décor. 

Make a DIY necklace:  Smaller blocks are great for this purpose and they make great gifts. Use your recipient’s favorite color as a base, add some lettering and some metallic bling and fix to a neck chain. Now you have a truly personalised gift that will undoubtedly become a treasured possession for the recipient. 

Projects using wood blocks can include fantastic decorative objects. Make some cute candle holders by drilling out the centre of the block and adding a tiny candle to the center. Paint each block the same color and you have a stunning candle display with very little effort. 

Make a DIY Chalkboard:   Paint the blocks a dark base color – black works very well. Then create your own designs in chalk to decorate them. Doing this makes a fun activity for kids who will enjoy chalking their own designs which can be mixed around as you move the blocks. 

Paint the blocks for your kids to play with: Projects using wood blocks for crafts do not need to be complicated. Just paint the wood blocks in primary colors and give them to your kids to play with. Children love to play with blocks and the brighter the blocks are colored the more they will enjoy building towers or making simple patterns. 

Projects Using Wood Blocks for Crafts are very easy and satisfying. After all the construction of the wooden block is the hard bit. All you need is some imagination and color and you can create a very pleasing toy or adornment to your home.