New Woodworking Projects for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place for improving with a new woodworking project. Depending upon your skills and your time, and of course your existing kitchen, you can carry out a range of exciting projects from a complete refit, to new shelving units, a spice rack, cupboards, and more.

Decorative and useful projects can transform your kitchen, and these don’t have to be large scale works to make a difference. You will find that small things such as a key holder, a spice rack, or a handy shelf for cookery books will reduce clutter in your kitchen and bring in some order.

So if you are stuck for new woodworking projects, let’s get your creative juices flowing with some easy ideas.

Knife Block

How about a new knife block? There are plenty of designs available but one we especially liked is a two tone walnut and maple wood construction with space for 7 knives. To make this ,you need to ensure that you cut your walnut and maple lumber into even lengths with shorter pieces to form the dividers.

Assembly requires gluing and then weighing down with a heavyweight to enable the glue to set.

Spice Rack

A new spice rack in the kitchen is always a good way to bring some order into your cuisine. You can use scrap wood or cheap off cuts and it can be mounted on your wall or the table top. New woodworking enthusiasts can download a free plan online or alternatively you can design your own.

Key Holder

A key holder may not seem very important, but if everyone knows where to leave their keys, it reduces stress on a daily basis. You can make a key holder as decorative as you like or as simple. Essentially a key holder only requires some hooks screwed into a piece of wood and a hangar for the wall. For new woodworking enthusiasts, this project is perfect because it requires the maximum in creativity and the minimum of skills.

Step Stool

For more experienced woodworkers, what about a set of steps for reaching higher cupboards? These can be extremely useful and decorative especially if the design also enables you to use the steps as an occasional chair or stool. Step stools are incredibly useful and can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make them.

New woodworking projects do not have to be overly complicated in order to improve your kitchen. And if you are new to it, it is always better to start small, rather than take on a massive project that you quickly realise you can’t handle.

Of course once you have caught the woodworking bug, you are unlikely to stop until you have totally refitted your kitchen with units, cupboards, and everything else. But for anyone embarking on new woodworking projects, getting the job finished and making it perfect is definitely the best way to go.