Landscaping 101: 6 Ways To Remove Tree Branches and Debris

Landscaping is a word used to refer to activities which modify visible features in an area of land. Landscaping includes but is not limited to gardening, trees, flowers, and plant design. It entails creating beauty in the landscape. If you have trees, then you most likely struggle with branches, debris, and other tree-related debris. Cleaning up the debris can be stressful; however, it is important to maintain a good landscape. In this article, we’ll be sharing six ways to remove tree branches and debris.

It is especially difficult to dispose of tree branches and debris because they tend to be on the larger side, making it hard to just chuck them in the bin. Some cities also have laws against throwing branches and tree debris in the dumpster, so it’s vital to have other options available. Here are five ways to remove tree branches and other debris.


The first option we have here is chipping. If you do not know what chipping is, we’ll explain it. Chipping is simply the act of reducing wood (branches etc.) to smaller chips. This can be done with a PTO wood chipper. A PTO wood chipper is a chipper attached to a tractor which enables users to chip their wood. You can also use a PTO wood chipper to clear out debris. There are two things you can do when you chip your wood. The first is to dispose of it. The second is to make it mulch.

Mulch is a protective layer for the soil. It can be organic or inorganic. Wood chips made by a PTO wood chipper are organic mulch. Mulch is also great for improving the appearance of the landscape as well as a source of fertilizer for the soil. Chipping is a great option all-round.

Burn Pile

There are often restrictions against burning wood; however, it depends on where you live. Some cities encourage residents to burn all dead, dry wood before the spring so that the damage of forest fires is significantly lower. Before attempting to burn tree branches and debris, ensure to check your location’s laws on burning dead branches before commencing.

Local Sanitation Department

Your local sanitation department may also accept tree branches and debris as long as they are not too large. Instead of throwing it in the dumpster, which may be against the law, reach out to the sanitation department directly. If you have rather large branches consider chopping them into smaller pieces before asking. This is also a great way to get rid of debris and tree branches.

Local Garden

Your local garden might be in need of debris and branches to create mulch or to fertilize the soil. Before burning or throwing them away, ask one of the officials or a gardener who works there if they might be in need of tree branches and tree debris. If they agree, you can also use a PTO wood chipper to make the debris into mulch.

Take it to the Dump

If your city or location has a dump, consider taking the tree debris to the dump. It’s important to ask before taking them because the dump may not be accepting debris or branches. Some dumps will accept them because they’re useful to start fires and stoke fires. Some dumps also recycle/reuse debris and branches. 

Pay a Tree Service to Take it Away

A Tree service is a company that generally offers professional tree care services. If you’ve tried all the options and still have no solution, call a tree service. Please note that they will charge to take the debris and branches away.