Ideas for Building a Fire Pit in Your Backyard

There is nothing better than leaving in your own house with all the comforts of life at your disposal. And it is even much better when you find yourself leaving deep in the woods, somewhere out of the city, where you are gifted with an awesome front yard and an even bigger backyard area. 

Live in such an area will always bring you comfort, and bring you closer to nature and help relax and leave at the moment. But another advantage that comes from living out of town, is that it gives you the opportunity to have impromptu camping right there, in your backyard with your family.How fun that will be. The only thing there is that in order for impromptu camping to be successful, you would need to have a campfire and an ambiance worthy of your company. Landscaping and fire pit designs are important. Landscaping companies offer advice, including this article that services as a primer for how to create the environment your family and guests will love.

This is why it is really important to create a fire pit, and what better place for a fire pit to be than right in your backyard, close to nature.

But you may feel that building a fire pit will be expensive and take an awful amount of time and energy. If this has been your discouragement, well I am pleased to let you know that with these few steps, you can create your own fireplace without stress.

Create Your Own Fire Pit

If you follow these easy steps you can create your own fire pit without stress.

Peeper your fire area

This is the first and very important step. You would need to peeper a good location for your fire pit. This will have to be a place that is a bit high and is not prone to erosion. 

This is because you would need your fire pit to be constantly dry, this will allow for easy creation of fire. 

Once you have picked a spot ensure you Clare it properly and that it is free from any grass. You will also need to Clare all surrounding areas to prevent reptiles from creeping in. You could also use this as an opportunity to gather wood.

Dig your fire pit

Once you are done creating and preparing where the pit will be done, it is now time to dig your fire pit. This pit could take any shape, but the most acceptable shape for a fire pit is a good circle. 

The fire pit does not need to be very deep, if you must, it can be about a foot and a half deep just deep enough to keep the east wind from messing with your fire. Once that is done you can get excited because you are well on your way to your very own handmade fire pit.

Barricade your fire pit with stones 

By now you must have successfully dug your fire pit. Now is the time to add some finishing touches to it. It is time to get stones, sizable ones, and use them as a barricade.

You will have to be careful when choosing stones for the barricade. This is because some stones do not do well at conducting hit and can explode leaving you and your family or fellow campers injured. 

I recommend you use the Oklahoma sandstone for research has shown that it is a stone that conducts heat, and is safe to be used for a fire pit.

Build a bench for your pit

Now that your fire pit is complete, all you need to do now is to create your bench for your fire pit. You could use some woods already prepared by a PTO wood chipper, this will make it easy for you to get started with your bench.

Once you have successfully created your bench, you can now call your family together, and build fun memories at your fire pit.