How to Whitewash Wood

If you want to create a rustic and classy farm house look for your wooden furniture or fixtures, whitewashing or pickling is an easy job that gives great results. If you watch TV shows on DIY and Décor such as HGTV you will see that this simple DIY effect is in vogue right now but unlike many of their advertised decorating projects, this one is easy and inexpensive to do.

Whitewashing is called pickling in the southern states as anyone who has read Tom Sawyer will know. The overall effect is bright and clean with a rustic look. The whitewash creates a distressed look that is very fashionable right now and creates a homely as well as extremely chic appearance.

So how to white wash wood is not a new skill but like all great things has now made a comeback.

There are two ways how to white wash wood. The first way is to paint the wood white all over and then rub off the excess paint with a rag. The second way and possibly the best way, is to add water to the paint and then apply by rag or brush to the wood.

When adding water to the paint you may need to play around with the ratios. If you want a distressed opaque look, go for a 1: 1 ratio of paint to water. If you want the results to look streakier and thinner, just add more water.

How to white wash wood is extremely simple and it can revitalise your living space. Be sure to have plenty of protective sheets to hand because this job can get messy but that is really the only issue with this household project.

Whitewashing your wood is the perfect seasonal job. It is ideal to carry out in the Fall when the air is still warmish so helps the paint to dry. It also is a great idea to get your home ready for winter now, after the summer months.

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