How to Waterproof Wood

Waterproofing your wood is essential. It not only protects wood from moisture damage and damp, it also preserves the natural color from the elements including UV damage caused by the sun. If wood is left untreated it will cause it to split, crack and rot very quickly especially if your wood is left out over winter or is on the exterior of your home.

First up you need to choose a good quality waterproof product. These often have added staining so it is important to choose the right color. A wood stain makes wood resistant to moisture but a sealant fully protects wood from moisture so it’s a good idea to buy a combination product. Check out Home Depot for your supplies and for advice for your particular requirements.

To waterproof wood, it is important to spend time on preparing your wood before you apply the product.

Clean the wood surface thoroughly and let it dry. If your wood is new, you can miss this step.

Once the surface is dry, sand it down with rough sandpaper or an electric sander. Finish with fine sandpaper in order to get a smooth even finish. Wipe it to remove any sanding residue.

Now you can apply your stain or sealant (or combination product). Apply with a paint brush in smooth even strokes and leave to dry depending on the product instructions (between 4 – 10 hours)

To make the surface water proof, you will need to apply multiple coats so once your first coat has dried, sand it down again with fine sandpaper or 000 wire wool so that the next coat can stick.

Again wipe any sanding residue before you apply the next coat. In general you will need to repeat these steps three times so it is a lengthy job. Don’t forget to allow each coat of sealant or stain to dry thoroughly before you sand and add the next coat.

Once you are satisfied with the results, you will need to leave the wood to cure for at least three days before you use it.

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