How to Paint Woodwork Trim on Doorways

Painting your woodwork trim on doorways can really spruce up the appearance of your home. These small wooden trims can soon become extremely scruffy and marked especially if you have a family, yet your door trims are instantly noticeable to visitors.

If you want to know how to paint woodwork trim on doorways, the good news is that this is not a difficult job. However you do need to go about it in the right way or all your efforts will be wasted.

How to paint wooden trim on doorways – five easy tips.

  • 1/ Preparation is extremely important.  You first need to de grease the wooden trim with sugar soap, white spirit or TSP. Once you have done this you need to sand down the area, removing old paint and any other marks and stains.
  • 2/ Use spackling compound to fill in any dents or cracks .  Now is a good time to improve the structural appearance so fill in any cracks or dents with lightweight spackling compound. Once the compound has dried, you need to sand it down so that it is even with the rest of the surface.
  • 3/ Protect the surrounding area with masking tape. To avoid paint drips on your ceiling, walls, floor or windows, you need to cover the areas with masking tape. Make sure that the tape is stuck down securely so that the paint does not bleed through onto the surfaces.

Once you have fully prepared the area you can now move onto the painting stage.  You might think that you know how to paint woodwork trim already but unless you take time to prepare the wood trim and the surroundings, you will never get good results.

  • 4/ Apply the wood primer. You will probably need two coats to fully cover the area and you should leave each coat to dry for 24 hours before moving on to the next. You can use sandpaper to remove any streaks or drip marks once the primer has dried.
  • 5/ Finally you can paint your wood trim. Make sure you have mixed your paint thoroughly and pour it into a painting tray. Use a small brush and make sure your strokes are applied evenly. Try not to load too much paint on your brush or it will drip.

Once you have completed your painting, remember to remove the masking tape. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to take off .

If you want to know how to paint wooden trim check out Home Depot for information and your supplies. That way you will always get professional results for all your household DIY jobs.