How to Make Grass Seed Grow Faster for a Beautiful Lawn

The only way that you can create a beautiful new lawn instantly is to buy in turf – an expensive and complicated option for most people. For these reasons, seeds are a far more cost effective and straightforward option, but of course there is a time delay between planting the seeds and them growing into a lawn so you do have to be patient.

We all know that nature needs time to take its course but you can move things along with some good preparation and care. If you are growing from grass seed, caring for your seeds and exercising maximum care over your seeded area will speed up the process.

So here’s how to make grass seed grow faster!

First up preparation is key. Prepare the area by preparing the ground. Till the soil to a depth of around 6 inches and make sure that the soil is broken up to a fine constancy. Remove any big stones, rocks and weeds. Once you have done this you can add compost for extra nourishment.

You should feed the soil with a good quality fertilizer. What you need will depend on the composition of your soil so buy a PH testing kit (these are very cheap) to see if this is necessary. In general a lawn fertilizer should be 1-2-1 nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium, but it all depends on your local conditions.

Once you have the soil right, make sure it is even by raking it over. You could sow the grass seeds directly into the prepared area, but if you want to speed it up, pre-germinating the seeds will make the process faster.

Place the seeds in a bucket with a moist compost mixture for 3 to 4 days. After this time you will notice that the seed swells and produces a small, white growth.

Once this has happened spread the seeds on a concrete floor and allow them to dry for 12 hours. Once you have done this you can then sow the seeds onto the lawn and cover with a light mulch or straw.

Keep the seeds watered. You should give them a light spray of water 3 -4 times a day for around a month. However, you should notice the seeds beginning to grow within a round 4 days.

You will probably need to put up bird scaring statues or protect the lawn area with a net to avoid bird damage.

Before you buy your lawn seeds, make sure that the type of grass you choose is suitable for your area. In addition, some types of lawn grass are faster growing than others, so make sure you choose the right one. How to make grass seed grow faster will depend on the type of lawn that you choose and when you decide to plant it. In most cases, spring or autumn is the best time to lay a new lawn when the weather is not as extreme as in winter or summer.

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