How to Make an Easy DIY Easter Basket

Making an easy DIY Easter basket can be fun for all the family. You can make an Easter basket together with your kids to brighten your décor or to make as an Easter gift for any age group – lovely when crammed full of chocolate treats and candy.

The great thing about an Easter basket is that there are no rules. As long as the container is roughly basket shaped and it is decorated in a way that suggests Easter and spring, you can’t go wrong.

So lets look at how to make an easy DIY Easter basket

First up, if you have a basket lying around the house, it is easy to repurpose it for Easter. Dress it up with some acrylic paint and line it with some shredded yellow paper so that it looks like a nest. Add some chocolate eggs and decorate with flowers or anything else that you fancy. Remember that when it comes to Easter, you cannot overdo the decoration, so go wild!

If you want to create Easter baskets from scratch you can weave your own with some sturdy strips of colored paper. These types of Easter basket are ideal for filling with candy or eggs.

To do this, you need to cut the paper into strips and then weave them together in alternate colors. Leave one piece long for the handle and fix the basket together with glue.

You don’t have to weave an Easter basket for it to be effective. An easy way is to make a basket from a sheet of cardboard that you cut into a basket shape and glue together. Once this is done, you can then paint and decorate it with Easter decorations before filling it with Easter treats such as candy and chocolate.

How to make an easy DIY Easter basket doesn’t need to be complicated. Why not try making a basket by sticking craft sticks together and fixing them to a piece of cardboard? Alternatively you could even make small Easter baskets from used paper roll holders. These are ideal for giving as small gifts to children.

Fake flowers can also make a fantastic Easter basket which is ideal as a table decoration. Just get some fake flowers and glue them round an old basket or small cardboard box. Once the flowers are in place the basket will be out of view so it doesn’t matter what you use as a support. A fake flower Easter basket is extremely easy to make and stunningly effective as a home or table decoration.

How to make an easy DIY Easter basket offers countless possibilities. For added inspiration why not check HGTV – a Discovery home channel that is fantastic for creative home ideas that will delight you and your family.