How to Make a Wooden Necklace

We love wooden necklaces. Whether you go for something fashionably chunky or prefer tiny polished wooden beads, you have plenty of choices when using this medium.

How to make a wooden necklace will vary of course depending upon your skills and your taste, but it can be surprisingly easy to do. In addition, you will know that your wooden necklace is totally unique and personal only to you. A handmade wooden necklace can make a great gift, and who knows, once you get the bug, you could have your own inexpensive jewelry making business.

How to Get Started

A wooden bead necklace is surprisingly easy and does not require any woodworking or skills, just a visit to your local hobby store. You can buy polished wooden beads from hobby stores and also the cording and fixings that you will need to support them.

Simply thread the wooden beads onto the cording until you have about ¼ of an inch remaining at both ends. You can now fit the cord end caps at each end with some pliers and then fit the clasp, also with pliers.

If you want a chunky statement piece, the process is exactly the same, although you will need to allow for the greater weight of the beads when you are buying the clasp and the fixings.

How to Make a Wooden Pendant

Making a wooden pendant necklace is probably the easiest place to start when you are figuring out how to make wooden jewelry from scratch.

Your first step is to shape your wood. You will need a small hand saw or Dremel to do this, and then smooth the edges with sandpaper. The size should be around 32mm x 25mm of around 5mm thickness. Once it is fully sanded, you should be able to see the grain of the wood.

Mark a hole with pencil and then drill a small hole, so you can hang the pendant on the chain.

Stain the pendant – coffee is surprisingly effective for this, or you could just oil it with mineral oil. Once you have removed excess oil and left the pendant to dry, add the bail so that you now have a pretty pendant with a professional look. This can be squeezed shut with pliers. Once you add the chain your wooden pendant is now ready to wear.

Once you find out how to make a wooden necklace, you will be able to expand your skills to take you beyond the basic level. Adding some statement beads or mixing up silver beads, porcelain, or glass can look great when combined with wood. Pendants can be highly polished or have added decoration by the way of precise carvings in simple shapes.

However you decide to take your jewelry plans forward, learning how to make a wooden necklace can become a fun hobby and a profitable side hustle. Happy crafting!