How to make a ‘Home is Where the Heart is’ Wooden Sign

Vintage wood is ultra fashionable right now. It can be repurposed for just about anything but one great use is for creating signs. So how to make a “home is where the heart is” wooden sign is not only inexpensive and attractive, it is extremely easy to do as well.

First up you need your wood. The most important thing here is to find wood that is the right size because if the wood is distressed it is perfect. And if it looks too shiny and new, you can distress it yourself by staining and creating wood imperfections (by hitting it with metal objects) 

The size is important because you need it to fit to your stencil for your message. And there are a lot of words here so it has to look right. Once you have your wood, you need to fix it together with wood screws and shims.

Once you have your blank canvas, you can then think about your stencil. Lay the stencil on top of the wood and fix it with tape to keep it still.

Now you can paint your sign. Choose your favorite colours and blot on the paint with a brush. It does not need to be perfect but make sure that the stencil is fully fixed on so that the rest of the wood is protected from the paint. 

Once you have painted your sign remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry. 

How to make a “home is where the heart is” wooden sign is easy. The wood does not need to be perfect and the paint job does not need to be streamlined and smooth because it is the imperfections that add character to the piece.

Finally, try adding some rope or rustic twine to the reverse of the sign as an attractive rustic hanger.

How to make a “home is where the heart is” wooden sign is extremely easy. The easiest way is to buy a ready made stencil so that you don’t have to make your own, or do it freestyle. And when it comes to the wood, remember that it does not need to be hardwearing or perfect. Just as long as the color is evenly matched which you can easily do with a can of wood stain, your rustic home sign will look fabulous. 

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