How to Hand Paint Wallpaper Designs

A painted wall doesn’t have to be plain and boring. And you don’t need to buy wall paper in order to liven up the design of your walls. 

An easier and more creative option is to hand paint your wall paper designs yourself. It isn’t difficult and requires no special skills but obviously some designs are far more simple than others. Check out some of our ideas and let’s get started! 

  • 1/ Use a stencil and add color accents and design to a plain wall. This is easy to do and requires the use of some spray paint, and a stencil. Just add the design in an evenly spaced pattern and it’s done! To do this it is easiest to buy a ready-made plastic stencil that will keep the edges sharp and fresh. 

Some stencils are more complex than others but remember it does not have to be ultra-neat to still look good. 

  • 2/ Add painted stripes or paint in different blocks of color. Make sure you have plenty of masking tape to protect the surrounding area. 
  • 3/ Try using a white paint pen over your existing wall and use it to add accents and art shapes. You can make a cardboard stencil to keep the lines crisp. 
  • 4/ a more advanced design is to compartmentalise the wall into sections by sticking narrow pieces of wood to the wall. A herring bone design works well for this technique but any geometric shape will also be suitable.

Then work on each different area with different colored paints and different stencil designs. The overall effect is over a woven textured area that can look very busy and attractive. 

  • 5/ If you home is ultra-modern and new and you fancy a more antiquated looking atmosphere; try using a distressed paint look. Dabbing on grey paint with a sponge will give the impression of faded elegance. 
  • 6/ If you want to add interest to a wall but don’t want the bother of stencils try adding free brush strokes in a contrasting color to the area. It is a good idea to practice first until you are confident that you have the design you are going for. Dark paint accents on a light wall look fantastic but you will need to have a steady hand and nerve. 
  • 7/ Hand painting your child’s bedroom always looks good. Try adding some painted drop shapes to the wall in bright primary colors and it creates a lively atmosphere that your child will love. 
  • 8/ finally if you don’t want to paint but you want to liven up your walls, try using white duct tape formed into a geometric shape. Diamonds work well and as long as you measure and take care to get the shapes exact, the overall effect can be stunning. 

For other  great home working tips check out the Bob Villa website where you can find plenty of information and ideas to help you liven up your living space.