How to DIY Wedding Flowers

It may sound like a tall order but you can learn how to DIY wedding flowers and not only will this save you loads of money, but the results will also be totally original and cool.

Take a look at our guide to how to DIY wedding flowers to find out just how easy this can be.

Your first step is to order your flowers from the florist. Find out which flowers are in season and order them two weeks in advance of your big day. That way you can be confident that they will be delivered on time and be exactly how you want.

To make sure your flowers suit your color tone, take your lipstick with you to the florist and pick out the flowers that best complement your shade. You can use these for your bridal bouquet and because you know that the color scheme matches your look, whatever you choose should look fantastic.

To save money and to create a floral theme that looks uniform and polished, decide on one type of flower and order this in bulk. You can use these for the bridal bouquet and for the bridesmaids and also as buttonholes for the principle male guests.

You will need some twine or wire to fix the bouquets together. And it goes without saying that it is a good idea to practice making a bouquet and fixing it together in advance, so that you can be confident that your flowers will not fall out of your bouquet on the big day!

Buying one type of flower in bulk gives you a color theme that can run through the whole occasion. You really cannot have too many flowers because they can be used everywhere, even as petals to be used for confetti.

When your flowers arrive make sure you immediately cut the stems at a 45% degree angle and place them in water. Your flowers will need a cool place to be stored (less than 60 degrees) to avoid wilting.

Table decorations are important and nothing looks better than some natural green elements that make the table look natural and stylish. The great thing about finding out how to DIY flowers is that you can create your own unique vision for your wedding.

Succulents are ideal as a centrepiece for a natural floral display and are very easy to work with and inexpensive to buy. Choose large succulents that don’t need soil and order from your local garden center to keep costs down.

Have some empty vases handy for the wedding bouquets. Your bridesmaids then can add their floral bouquet to the table decorations, and your bouquet can also be left in pride of place on the wedding table.

Of course when you know how to DIY wedding flowers you can do exactly what you want. And a wildflower bouquet can be a beautiful adornment for any bride too. Alternatively a bridal bouquet created from natural green foliage can be very effective and keep the costs down too.

If you are considering how to DIY wedding flowers, practising beforehand is essential.  You can run through a variety of designs in order to get the best results so when it comes to the big day creating your own floral displays should be a piece of cake!