How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles can quickly become discolored and dingy. Mold, soap scum and mildew can build up on tiles and the grouting, and this can ruin the whole appearance of your bathroom as well as create an unhealthy environment.

To give your bathroom an easy facelift, you only need a little elbow grease and the right cleaning product. So finding out how to clean bathroom tiles is a satisfying job that can be completed in no time at all.

Before you start make sure you have rubber gloves on, especially if you are using bleach, and keep the bathroom window open to ensure good ventilation. You will also need brushes to clean the grouting between the tiles. An old toothbrush is great for this purpose. You will probably need a larger scrubbing brush, sponges a squeegee and some old towels to soak up excess water.

How to clean bathroom tiles with household products.

White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar to clean bathroom tiles. Fill a spray bottle with solution of one cup of warm water, two cups of white vinegar and a teaspoon of washing up liquid. Spray the mixture over the tiles and grouting and leave it to settle for around 15 minutes. Then rinse off and wipe the tiles with a sponge and dry with a squeegee.

Household Bleach

If the stains are stubborn – you may need to try something stronger. Household bleach can do the trick. If you have already tried vinegar make sure all residue has gone or the chemical combination could form a toxic gas. Powdered bleach is best for this purpose. Mix it with water until it is the consistency of toothpaste and apply with a brush, such as an old toothbrush. Leave it on for around 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

If you want to know how to clean bathroom tiles effectively but have concerns over using chemicals in your home, there are products out there which are strong and also safe.

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Tub and Tile Cleaner is a great cleaning product that you can use for all the surfaces in your bathroom including your bath. Formulated from powerful natural ingredients including lavender oil, Lactic acid and bitter orange extract (Citrus Aurentium) this powerful cleaner gives perfect results each time you use it. It also smells wonderful and is safe for indoor use without posing a risk to health.

The Mrs Meyers Clean Day range provides a great alternative to strong chemical household cleaning products. Check out the range via the NHC website and that way you can ensure that your home is squeaky clean without filling your home with dangerous chemicals