How to Build Your Own Arts and Crafts Style Mailbox

Your mailbox is important. It is one of the first things that people notice about your home, and it is one of those tiny details that say a lot about you! You might have a tidy garden and a nicely presented front porch or front door, but a tasteless or cliche mailbox may ruin the whole impression. If you want to go one step further in creating a perfect exterior for your home, an arts and crafts style mailbox will provide the perfect finishing touch. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Arts and Crafts Style?

The arts and crafts style was built upon an idea of creating good quality household objects, which are beautiful as well as functional. This movement looked back to the craftsmen of the past who built for durability, and this style has a timeless appeal.

An arts and crafts mailbox can be simple to make if you are a woodworker and results can be stunning.

If you are a proficient woodworker, building your own arts and crafts style mailbox from scratch should not be too difficult. The best type of wood to use is oak because it is so hard wearing, but cherry, ash, or walnut will also work well.

To make an average-sized mailbox, you will need around 3 feet of wood to fully complete the project. The wood should be ¾ inch thick ,which you can probably find ready planed. You will also need the right tools, such as an orbital sander, mitre saw, jig saw, and a router.

The best way to build your own arts and crafts style mailbox is to follow a plan. As with all woodworking projects you will need the right tools – this is not a project for a beginner.

Tips for Building the Arts and Crafts Style Mailbox

Shapes can vary. Choose between a basic conventional long base mailbox, or you could use an upright design. The whole point of the arts and craft movement was to make even humble household objects beautiful. An arts and crafts mailbox is generally made of wood that has been worked into intricate decoration and lettering. Many arts and crafts mailboxes also feature copper decoration.

That said, making a beautiful mailbox is not a difficult task. The design, after all, is fairly simple and you can make a simple mailbox over a weekend. Use pressure treated wood, and if you don’t have a plan, why not follow the dimensions of your existing mailbox?

The important points to remember is that your mailbox must be watertight and be easy for the mailman to use and for you to retrieve your letters. You will need to add hinges to the roof. You will also consider where to fix the mailbox and how.

Painting your mailbox and adding some personal decorations, such as the house number, will also make your mailbox look good. You can spray paint or hand paint the finished mailbox, or if you are pleased with the appearance of the wood, adding water resistant varnish will keep it looking good all season.

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