How to Build a DIY TV Stand

You can build a DIY TV Stand quite easily even if you have only basic woodworking skills. Doing this can be extremely worthwhile and enhance your living space. A TV stand can raise your TV to the optimum height for viewing. In addition it gives you a space to store all your associated tech such as remote control, game consoles, chargers and more.

When you know how to build a DIY TV stand you can choose the style that suits your décor style the best. Perhaps you favor a rustic farmhouse look or alternatively a more industrial appearance? Will the TV stand need to fit into a corner and require a corner unit? Or does it need to be small and compact to fit into a small or unusually shaped room?

Before you decide on how to build a DIY TV Stand, you first need to check out some plans. The Spruce Crafts website provides a great selection of 11 free plans for DIY TV stands which are free to download and follow.  The plans vary in skill level so it is important to choose the appropriate plan for your level of skill and also the tools you have at your disposal. After all once you know how to build a DIY TV stand you can decide on the perfect plan for your needs. 

One of the DIY TV plans on offer is built around a wood pallet, woodstain and a set of hairpin legs and is easy enough to construct even if you are a complete beginner.

 However each plan comes with a shopping list of materials and detailed step by step instructions so if you follow these by the letter, you should get the job done. It’s a great idea to stretch your abilities a little but not to take on a plan that is too overwhelmingly advanced or it could prove to be disappointing. 

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