How to Avoid Common Woodworking Accidents

Woodworking is a great way to express your craftsmanship and artistry, as well as enabling you to create useful and beautiful wooden objects. The downside to woodworking is that it can lead to a variety of accidents.

Woodworking accidents are rarely life threatening but can lead to serious cuts, loss of fingers, eye injuries, and more if you don’t take correct safety precautions. After all, woodworking tools are sharp, and the wood can cause splinters so you do need to be careful.

Here are some safety tips to help:

·       Always wear protective clothing. Safety glasses are a must, and you should also wear gloves such as latex gloves for finishing or protective gloves if you are handling rough surfaces or using power tools.

·       Always disconnect the power from power tools if you need to change bits from your power tools or swap blades. A surprising number of woodworkers have suffered accidents caused by live power tools.

·       Make sure your tools are in good sharp condition. Working with blunt tools can lead to woodworking accidents because they are harder to control.

·       You may be in the mood for getting into the workshop after a couple of drinks or other substances, but hold it right there! This is not safe and many woodworking accidents arise, because the woodworker was not focused enough on the job in hand.

·       Use the equipment correctly. Never lean over a saw blade before it has stopped spinning, always use the cutter correctly. Taking short cuts can lead to woodworking accidents.

·       Wear the correct clothes. Baggy clothing can get caught up in machinery, and leaving your legs or torso bare can lead to cuts and splinters.

However careful you are, you will undoubtedly have the occasional woodworking accidents, so it is important to have a first aid kit on hand to deal with minor injuries. As well as plasters and bandages, you should include some antiseptic ointment too, to sooth and maintain cleanliness.

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