Home Projects for Late Summer

As we approach the end of summer it is a good time to think about those projects you’ve been meaning to do while the weather is still warm and before we move into autumn.

Clean your gutters: Before your gutters are filled again with leaves in fall, now is a good time to remove the residue built up in your gutters over the summer season.

Build your firewood shed: If you use logs for fuel, now is the time to think about getting your winter wood supply. While the weather is still warm, constructing simple firewood shed will help protect your wood supply through the wetter weather.

Clean the decking: This is much easier when the weather is warmer and will keep your decking looking good through the fall and winter. Late summer /early fall is the best time to clean decking because the cleaning products will dry but not too rapidly.

Build a Fire Pit: A fire pit is great for entertaining when the evenings get a bit chilly. Building a fire pit in late summer is the perfect time to complete an outdoors project that you can use later on in the season.

Prepare your fall vegetable garden: If you haven’t managed to get on top of your vegetable growing this year, preparing your Fall Garden now will give you time to plant your seasonal products for winter.

Carry out chimney repairs: Now is a great time to give your chimney and wood burner a health check before you need to use it. Inspect your system and your chimney and that way you can be confident it will be ready to go, once you need to use it.

Build your kids a swing play area: It’s great for children to play outside but when the weather gets cooler they may not be as keen to get outdoors. Build a simple play area and swing so that once the fall kicks in, your children will be still keen to get active in the garden.

Build a garden pond and oasis area:  if you do this now, your garden pond and oasis area can be established by next summer when you can enjoy using it.

Build a wooden garden bench: The summer may have almost gone for this year but a wooden garden bench is perfect for use all year round. Building a wooden garden bench now means you can work on it in comfort and as an added bonus you may find that you use it even when the weather gets cooler.

Repair the screen door and window screens: Screen doors and window screens keep out the bugs but they can become ripped and unsightly. Repairing and replacing them is not a difficult job but is best carried out when the weather is warm and the insect count is low. This means that late summer and early fall is the perfect time to carry out these repairs.

Check your skis: it’s a great idea to be ahead of the game with this one and inspect and tune your skis well in advance of using them. Once the snow hits, you will be ready immediately safe in the confidence that your skis are good to go!

To find out more about home maintenance and download plans for simple home projects, check out the Popular Mechanics website. That way you can always be one step ahead when it comes to updating and working on your home projects.