Home Decor Trends in 2021

With the constrictions of the pandemic, clothing trends have taken a back seat to those of home décor. This is hardly surprising because we have all been spending a lot more time locked up indoors this year so the focus is on giving your home a quick refresh rather than updating your wardrobe.

So what are the home décor trends in 2021?  Let’s take a look.

Retro is big this year according to Instagram influencers but this doesn’t require buying in too many pieces of furniture to keep up with this year’s look.

Wavy Lines

Wavy lines are in! Swedish designer Gustav Westman has been displaying some of his creations on Instagram and the results are stunning. His wavy line creations have been setting social media alight and the message is that wavy lines are cool. His celebrated wavy line mirror support looks stunning but you can also extend this to other pieces of furniture and it works for everything from coasters to tables.

Scalloped Edges

Similar to the wavy line craze, scalloped edges are the go to design for lamp shades, plant pots or any other home décor accessory. You can update your lamps with a new lampshade without breaking the bank. Designer Matilda Goad has led the charge for the scalloped edge and the overall effect with its 50’s appeal breaks up the minimalist style that has been previously so popular.


This year’s look matches soft wavy lines and scalloped edges with a geometrical check board motif. A two toned checkerboard rug or piece of flooring looks dramatic and effective. You can also add checkerboard design via home ornaments such as lampshades, plates or other art pieces.

Barley twists

Old fashioned barley twist table legs were big in the 1800s and the new craze means that this traditional design is back in fashion again. Vintage furniture from the thrift store can be a great resource for this design. Alternatively barley twist ceramics such as candle holders and the candles themselves will keep your home décor looking cutting edge and fab.

Bobbin Legs

Similar to barley twists, bobbin legs are a chunkier version of the same look and you can find vintage bobbin leg furniture from house clearance sales and vintage stores without paying a fortune. However new bobbin leg furniture is also available such as vintage looking washstands, lamps, chairs and tables.

Changes to home décor trends in 2021

Overall home décor trends in 2021 are moving away from the stripped down minimal look of a few years ago and are veering towards a softer more elegant look. Today’s popular colors are pastel for accessories combined with vintage natural wood and bold check board prints for added contrast.

To keep up with all the trends in modern style and fashion, check out the Who What Wear website for inspiration and find out how the leading influencers are transforming their homes.