Great Pallet Furniture Ideas

Upcycling is popular right now and a popular trend that seems to go from strength to strength is making furniture out of pallets. The pallet furniture craze may have started with some basic simple ideas, but these days designs are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Who could have imagined that making furniture out of recycled wooden pallets would have ever become so fashionable and stylish?

The pallet furniture craze started with garden furniture. Keep reading to learn more exciting pallet furniture projects you can try at home today!

Pallet Furniture in the Garden

Pallet furniture used outdoors offers versatility, style, and convenience.

For example, a pallet bench can be easily created from just one pallet with some basic tools, a plan and some basic woodworking skills. An upright pallet makes a cool vertical planter and makes an attractive alternative to the more usual hanging baskets. Once you have tackled these easy projects, why not try a double seat and pallet table or even a picnic table and chairs?

An outside bar is also a great feature for summer entertaining. A pallet furniture bar will usually require 3 or 4 upturned pallets and is easy to make and great to enjoy. We have also seen a rustic and sturdy gate made from a shipping pallet.

Smart and functional pallet furniture is a great way to use your DIY skills and saves you money as well.

Pallet Furniture in the Home

These days, the pallet furniture craze has come indoors as well, and you can make some personal pieces of furniture at the fraction of the cost of buying new.

Pallet bed frames are attractive and stylish. These low-level beds (think IKEA) will suit a fashionable apartment and provide a comfortable support to any mattress or futon.

Storage areas, shelves, display cases, and seasonal DIY wood projects are a great use for pallets as well. If your woodwork skills are more advanced, even your kitchen table and chairs can be created from shipping pallets. The list is endless and only limited by your imagination. Pallet furniture is functional and fashionable; it seems that we can’t get enough of it.

Where do you find your pallets?

A few years ago, pallets were easy to find and many people gave them away as firewood. These days they are not so easy to find for free, but they are still an economical material especially when you consider how much money you will save by making your own pallet furniture.

Try your local distribution center or major hardware store. There are millions of wooden pallets in the world and up until the craze for making pallet furniture, they were seen by most people as a waste product.

Alternatively, look online such as on sites such as Craigslist. You might still be able to find good condition pallets for free, but even if you have to pay a small price for your pallets, it is certainly worth it.