Easy Fall Woodworking Projects

Now the nights are drawing in and we are all thinking about fall and the onset of winter, it’s time to get busy in the workshop. At this time of the year, it can be fun to start new projects, and easy fall woodworking projects are always popular.

Bird Feeder

One easy fall woodworking project is to construct a bird feeder. We are coming up to winter when the birds require more feeding, so doing this will ensure that your garden or yard becomes a haven for wild birds, giving you and your family plenty of feathered interest in the garden. Bird feeders can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. A simple bird house construction or a mini park bench that you hang in the trees will attract the birds, and you can get the kids to help paint it too.

Garden Table

Over summer you may have been entertaining outdoors, so how about a new garden table? One great design is to use supports on each end connected by a supporting length of timber and make the table top out of 3 or 4 rustic straight pieces of lumber. If you leave a gap between each piece of wood on the table, it is easier to construct, and the gaps will make it easier to clean and to avoid the table getting dirty.

Patio Chairs

Patio chairs can look good too. Perhaps yours have been overused during summer, so fall is a great time to think about next year. Simple chairs are easy for the woodworking beginner as long as you ensure that the legs are plumb and straight.


Many easy woodworking fall projects are decorative. How about some new planters for the garden? Making a wheelbarrow-shaped planter is an easy enough project that can show off your winter plants and add interest to the garden.

Garden or Holiday Signs

Making a sign for your home is very rewarding and can be achieved with off cuts and basic woodworking skills. One simple way is to use pallet wood and just cut out a shape that you like. Prepare the wood with a stain and paint on the name of your house, and then varnish for protection. Fix two holes at the top of the sign and thread with rustic rope or twine before hanging the sign in place.

If you are planning a fall party or Halloween experience, you can position pumpkins and lanterns around your sign. In addition you can easily make your own sign for your home that reflects the seasons. How about a Halloween sign or a Christmas house sign that is decorated with seasonal images?

Fall woodworking projects can be as useful or as fun as you choose to make them. The great thing is that once you get the woodworking home décor bug , you will undoubtedly discover more ideas and inspiration. The homemade artisanal look is very fashionable right now, and it seems crazy to pay good money for something that looks homemade when you could so easily have the fun of making it yourself.