Driftwood Beach Wood Art Projects

Driftwood has a unique appearance. Weathered and pounded by the ocean and washed up on the shoreline, its bleached unique properties look fantastic when used for decorative purposes inside the home. Driftwood creates a boho, artistic vibe that will add interest and style and even better it is easy to upcycle. So next time you find that interesting piece of driftwood on the beach bring it home and get creative!

Here are some easy driftwood beach wood art projects for you to try out yourself. 

Bathroom towel rack

A driftwood towel rack looks fantastic in the bathroom, especially if you already have a coastal theme going on. Just add some good quality coat hooks to the driftwood and fix to the wall or the bathroom door. Stylish and easy to make, a bathroom towel rack brings the sense of the beach right into your home.

Make a jewelry organiser

This requires a small piece of driftwood and similar to the bathroom towel rack is made from adding small hooks for hanging your jewellery. You can customise this however you like, adding some painted details and by adding two small leather pieces as hanging strap.  

Make a frame for a mirror or a picture

This is a great way to use tiny pieces of driftwood and transforms them into an eye catching and original frame that will suit a mirror or as a frame for a painting. All you need to do is to wash the pieces of driftwood and then stick them as a collage to the existing frame. Alternatively you can buy a cheap wooded frame especially for the purpose. It looks good if some of the driftwood overlaps over the picture or the mirror so you don’t need to make this too perfect. 

A smooth driftwood frame for a mirror or painting 

If you have found a sizeable piece of driftwood which can be cut into strips, use this to create an individual frame. You will need to plane the wood into uniform strips and although this might not be easy, the end results will be worth it. 

Make a planter for succulents or air plants

An interesting small piece of driftwood that has some depth can make a fantastic planter for an air plant or succulent which does not require any soil and very little water. Just carve out an opening in the driftwood if necessary and add your plant. This looks great as a table decoration and brings the vibe of the beach right into your home. 

Driftwood Signs

Make a driftwood sign by cleaning your piece of driftwood and adding some rope as a support. You can either paint directly onto the driftwood or alternatively use a piece of leather or slate to write your message and then glue it to the driftwood support.