DIY Wine Bottles Crafts

Wine bottles can be recycled instead of being disposed of. The bottle containers can serve other purposes. They can be transformed into ornaments. There are a lot of creative ideas for transforming wine bottles into making them useful.

This craft is quite interesting it transforms waste making them more functional. Care needs to be administered during the making of this craft, to reduce the risk of injuries it’s better to stick with the simple crafts. Some of this craft is so beautiful that it can be used as gifts or even sold.

DO-IT-YOURSELF crafts ideas for wine bottles.

Transform Clear Wine Bottles Into Sea glass

Wine bottles of different sizes and shapes can be made to look like a sea glass by painting and decorating it.

Wine Bottle for  Hanging Light.

Since the bottles are made of glass they can be made into a light fixing by cutting the bottom and repurposing it to be used as a lampshade.

Spray Paint an Ombre Effect

There are several ways to paint bottles. This is a way to add a special effect to the appearance by gradually blending one colour hue, tinting and shading from light to dark. This effect makes the appears like a very expensive vase.

Flatten a Wine Bottle to Make a Platter

This process is called slumping. The bottle is flattened to form a tray that can be used for serving. Snacks, tiny chops of fruits, and candy can be served on it.

Hand Paint Intricate Details to Make a Boho Centrepiece

Wine bottles can be decorated with white touches. This can be done using lace, stickers. Bohemian styled painting and drawings painted on it.

Transform Wine Bottle Into a Soap Dispenser

Taller bottles would make a good refill container for dish wash. Buy the stopper for liquor to ease the pour. You can write the would “dish soap” on it and you have a beautiful refill container.

Write a Message on a Bottle

This could idea is done by drawing on the glass with chalkboard paint. It’s a wonderful concept for wedding decorations. It can be used as table centerpieces, table numbers can be written on it.

Cut out Your Favourite Prints and glue wine Bottles

This called decoupage. Fancy magazine cut-outs can be glued on the surface of the bottles. Floral, cartoon, and fun patterns can be to decorate the bottles into a piece of artwork.

Float Candles Inside Wine Bottles

You can start by cutting the bottle in half, finish the edges with sandpaper. This piece of art is used as a candle holder. Darker colored wine bottles give a illuminating colourful effect.

Create a Textured Surface With Puff Paint

This transforms the bottle entirely. To create this effect, paint the bottle with matte paint, when dry use the puff paint to add the textured effect.

Wrap an Entire Bottle in Twine.

Cover the entire surface area of the bottles with twine. Add another vase to this for a farmhouse effect. You can also Mix up colorful thread or wool to give it an artistic finish.