DIY Rustic Tables for Your Garden

The great thing about DIY rustic tables is that they can be made out of just about anything. The other good thing about them is that they are always unique and interesting, and it doesn’t cost you a fortune to make them.

What Can You Use?

DIY rustic tables can be created from reclaimed wood or even pallets. The surface of the table can be polished or stained, and if it is an old architectural piece, even better. An old door or some reclaimed flooring wood can look fantastic as a table top. If you are lucky enough to have a table sized piece of wood, you can just use this. Alternatively, you can fit separate planks together and use these.

Of course a table is more than a table top, even DIY rustic tables, so you will need to consider the support. You can find a wide range of plans online or alternatively come up with your own design. However, the important thing to remember about making a table is that it needs to be stable and strong enough to support the table top. So as long as you cut the wood for the table legs accurately and can fit them to the table top, you don’t have to worry too much.

Why DIY?

The whole point about DIY rustic tables is that they look homemade and quirky. This is part of their charm so you don’t have to worry about your woodworking skills as long as you can carry out basic skills such as measuring accurately, sawing, and fitting together with screws.

For easy to make DIY rustic tables, try fitting cross bars as support rather than legs. These can be made simply and even bought from the hardware store. Fit cross bars at each end of the table top and in the middle if it is big, and the result can look spectacular. In addition, this type of rustic DIY table is high enough to suit chairs and to be used for alfresco dining.

Alternatively, you can use pallets to make the entire table. A low level coffee table can be fantastic in the garden and only requires one pallet and some wheels for added height and mobility. To make DIY rustic tables like this, just fit some industrial wheels to each corner of the pallet and rub down and stain the wood. You could also use blocks or other pallet pieces in order to reach the desired height.

Creating DIY rustic tables for your garden adds interest to your outside space. These tables are fun to make and are very inexpensive. A rustic table can transform an area of your garden or your patio into a place for entertaining and eating outside.

To take this further, DIY rustic seating is equally easy. Try finding or making benches, seat sized wood logs, or any other reclaimed wood that you can find. Once you get the bug for upcycling, you are only restricted by your imagination, and with so many great ideas online you can soon be creating your own style of DIY rustic tables and chairs for your garden.