DIY Pumpkin Decorations for Fall

We love pumpkins and nothing says Halloween and the Fall more than these fantastic orange globes crammed full of natural goodness. However it can be a pain hand carving pumpkin jack o lanterns each year and sometimes you may want to just get seasonal rather than supernatural.

Check out some great ideas for DIY pumpkin decorations for Fall. The great thing about pumpkins that they are an easy shape to work with and can be created from a range of materials.

1/ Make pumpkin decorations from rolls of toilet paper. It’s so easy. Just start with a roll of toilet paper and wrap a piece of light weight fabric around it. You can use anything as long as you like the colour or design – scarves are great but a tea towel or tee shirt will do. . Then wrap another piece of fabric vertically, pushing the excess fabric into the center to keep it in place. The final step is to insert a natural twig into the centre.

2/ Turn wood off cuts into neat 2D pumpkins. You need some off cut wood, orange spray paint, a saw and some sisal. You need two pieces of the same sized wood for each pumpkin which you cut and stick together in a four edged star shape. Then spray with the orange paint. Once it has dried cut a natural branch and stick to the top of the 2 D pumpkin with some wood glue.

3/ Make a pumpkin inspired display in your garden. Using pallet wood,  cut out a few pumpkin shapes and spray with orange or any different coloured paints. Use these wooden pieces to support growing flowers in your own pumpkin garden patch.  You can also use the same technique to create indoor decorations.

4/ Try covering your store bought pumpkins in artistic twine adding a fancy knot for the stem. The end result looks surprisingly classy.

5/ Use off cut scraps of fabric to make attractive pumpkins.  Cut out your chosen material into six pointed oval shapes and then sew them together to create an orb (pumpkin) shape. Add the stuffing and then sew together. Then cut out some green felt into a leaf shape and sew onto the pumpkin.

To really embrace the Fall vibe don’t forget your snacks. The great thing about pumpkins is that they are extremely healthy so these make great nibbles to have with drinks. Now Foods Organic Pumpkin Seeds are protein packed and rich in iron and are the perfect accompaniment to any occasion. The Now Foods range is available from NHC and the company is a reputable health food brand you can trust.