DIY Projects for Woodworking When You Live in an Apartment

Many people who live in an apartment are put off from starting woodwork projects because they lack the space of a garage or workshop. However you can successfully carry out DIY projects for woodworking when you live in an apartment. You just need to be mindful of the size of project you take on and just as importantly the type of tools that you buy.

So what tools do you need for DIY projects for woodworking when you live in an apartment? Let’s take a look.

Work stand

You don’t have much room in an apartment so it is important that your work stand can be used for multiple functions and be small and portable enough to stow away when it is not in use. It is also important that your work stand can support other tools such as a mitre saw or clamp.

The Rockwell Jaw Horse would be a good choice for an apartment as this is small enough to be packed away yet strong and stable enough to support other woodworking tools.

Portable table saw

Most woodworkers say that their table saw is one of their most useful pieces of equipment. So if you are considering DIY projects for woodworking when you live in an apartment a small portable table saw is a good investment. There is quite a wide choice of these on the market. One we liked was the 8 ¼ Skilsaw model which is compact enough to be stored under a table or put away in a cupboard.

Mitre Saw

Alternatively a mitre saw is ideal if you need to do lots of cross cuts and if you buy one that’s small enough to be stored on a shelf yet is big enough to handle 2x4s this would be a good addition to your DIY Apartment workspace.

Hand tools

If you are considering carrying out DIY projects for woodworking when you live in an apartment your best bet is to invest in hand tools rather than too many power tools.  Hand tools take up far less space and will be far less disruptive to use in the home environment. Wood chisels, saws, planes, clamps and sharpening tools are essential for your DIY toolbox.

So which type of DIY projects for woodworking when you live in an apartment should you choose?

There is a wide range of home projects that can be completed in a small space. Shelving units, cupboards, coffee tables, bed supports, bedroom furniture, storage boxes , home improvements…the sky is the limit and all these can all be carried out from your DIY apartment workshop.

Be mindful of dust especially if you are using power tools. Try covering surfaces with plastic cover sheets or a tarpaulin before you start in order to keep the space clean.  So when it is time to restore your DIY apartment workshop back into being your home you don’t have to spend hours with the broom and dustpan!