DIY Mickey Mouse Centerpieces for Your Kid’s Disney-Themed Birthday Party

A themed party for your child is a great way to celebrate his or her birthday. And although fashions change, and cartoon characters come and go, the one cartoon character who stands the test of time is Mickey Mouse. We’ve all grown up with Mickey, and if you and your child love Disney, a Disney-themed birthday party is great! So how do you make DIY Mickey Mouse centerpieces for your table? We’ll show you how!

How to Make DIY Mickey Mouse Centerpieces

First of all, if you’re short on time, you can actually buy these. They are on sale ready-made from Walmart or from online suppliers and craft makers via Esty or Pinterest. However, it doesn’t seem difficult to create your own designs, especially when all the Mickey Mouse supplies that you want are available online or at the local crafts store.

Types of DIY Mickey Mouse Centerpieces

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece Kit

One great option is the DIY Mickey Mouse Centerpiece kit. This provides you with 30 great centerpieces to create different iconic Mickey designs. One of the nice things about these DIY Mickey Mouse centerpieces is that they are easy to use and that they look very individual and effective.

Felt Props

Alternatively, why not try a pack of assorted Mickey and Minnie felt fabric props? These are designed as photo booth accessories but can also be used to create DIY Mickey Mouse centerpieces, by just placing in candy jars or containers for the table.

More Party Decorations

Talking about the tables, if you are going full out Mickey Mouse, don’t forget the table decorations, cups and plates. A Mickey Mouse birthday banner complete with ears will make any small child feel special. The iconic Mickey colors of red, yellow, white, and black add to the atmosphere of fun and life, and provide a traditional American flavour to any kids’ party.

Party Favors

Candy Box

A kid’s party isn’t a party unless everyone goes home with a party bag. The Mickey Mouse candy box is great for filling with goodies. These triangular shaped boxes are easy to assemble and are available in packs of 50. They’re ideal for guests of all ages.

Mickey Mouse Ears

Finally, you can’t really have a Mickey Mouse themed party unless you have ears! Picoway Mouse Ears come in packs of 20 comprising of 10 plain black Mickey ears and 10 Minnie ears with the adornment of a red blow for girls. The sizes are adjustable and will fit a toddler head up to a full sized adult.

A Mickey Mouse themed party is a great idea for children of all ages. Compared with many modern Disney characters, the theme is enduring and simple and reassuring timeless. In addition, you can create the Mickey Mouse Disney effect very cheaply. 

DIY Mickey Mouse centerpieces are extremely easy to create out of some Disney props, colorful balloons and streamers, and some Mickey Mouse ears. It will be enough to set the mood for a very happy birthday!