DIY Home Décor for Easter

Lots of these different crafts used for Easter are so easy and you can do them with your kids if you like. No matter the type of home you’ve got. It could be vintage, glamorous, cute, rustic too. There’s something you would love to have on this list of Home Décor you can do by yourself this Easter.

List of DIY Home Décor for Easter 

Jar Easter Bunny Candy Favors 

These are cute beautiful silhouette jars that would make your Easter guests tickled. They are bunny-shaped stickers that are cut using your craft cutter. They can get apples to the other side of the Mason jar. You can paint this all-around chalky paint and then you should let it dry. You can then get rid of the stickers gently. You can now fill your jar using eggs made of chocolate and then put in a sweet bow to your jar. 

Grapevine Springtime Bunny Wreath Décor 

If you want to have a beautiful wreath shaped like a bunny, you can purchase two grapevine wreaths. One of them should be large in size and the other medium. You should then soak the small wreaths and bend them in shape using the shape of bunny ears. You can now join the four wreaths together into an outline of bunnies. You can wind a floral garland or a pretty bud around the created wreath. You can finish this home décor using a wired ribbon bow or a large silk flower. 

Easter Glitter DIY Easter Décor 

Things you need for this Easter Décor include toothpicks, washi tape, white glue, glitter, and eggs. You can blow out in inner parts of the white eggs and brown eggs and let them dry. You should put the eggs inside sprinkles and glue with some glitter. For you to get fun patterns and stripes, you can try covering the eggs using washi tapes. You could make use of polka dots using your fingertips after dipping them with some white glue. 

Very Simple Crafts with Easter Eggs 

You can make a tree for Easter for your celebration to be highlighted. You can make use of some branches that have floral patterns gotten from the craft store. You could stand them using a pail. Making use of a craft knife to hit and get a hole on top of some of these plastic eggs for Easter. You could tie this simply using a yarn loop through the top of an egg and then you could attach this to the bottom. For you to get a look that’s coordinated, you could match the egg using colors to your branches blossoms. 

For Home décor you could use for Easter, there are lots of ways you could decorate your apartment for you, your family, and your friends. You all would have a lot of fun and a lot of merriment. These home décor done by you would make your guests wonder where you got these ideas from.