DIY Friendship Bracelet

Giving a friendship bracelet is a lovely way to show someone you care and a DIY friendship bracelet is even more special. These simple bracelets can be easy to make yet the finished result is always attractive. They can also vary in their complexity so once you get the friendship bracelet bug, you can turn this simple idea into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

According to Native American tradition, the idea of a friendship bracelet is that you should wear it until it drops off naturally.

One of the easiest types of DIY friendship bracelets to make requires four different colored pieces of embroidery thread. Get your four strands, fold them and tie a knot so that you now have eight strands.  These should now be in the order of 12344321.

First take string 1 in your left hand and string 2 in your right hand. Take string 1 and cross it over string 2 and pull the knot tight.

Then do the same thing, still using string 1, on strings 2, 3 and 4 moving from left to right.

Then take string 1 on the right hand side and make the same knot on string 2, 3, and 4 but this time moving from right to left.

Do this right and you will find that the same color strings will be positioned next to each other, once you have moved through all the strings in sequence. Tie them in a knot and then repeat the same process, this time starting with string 2 and first working left to right, and then right to left as previously.

Keep working through the strings in the same order knotting them as you go.

Once you have got your friendship bracelet to the required length, knot the strings, and leave some of the loose threads for tying the bracelet on to your friend’s wrist.

You can also make a simple friendship bracelet by plaiting four strings in different colours, tying and twisting each strand over the other in order to make a pattern. You do this in the similar way as you would plait hair, just using 4 strands instead of 3 and tying each end of the plait work with a knot.

There are numerous designs for DIY friendship bracelets; the candy stripe, the chevron, and you can also add beads and pieces of jewelry and stone for added impact.

The important thing to remember about a DIY friendship is that the whole idea is that it should be original and homemade, so it does not have to be perfect. In addition, a DIY friendship bracelet is surprisingly easy to do. Once you actually get started it becomes surprisingly obvious and simple to make a basic friendship bracelet and of course the more you do this, the easier and better the finished results will be!