DIY Cat Ear Headbands for Kids

DIY cat ear headbands make a great fancy dress accessory for kids. Whether you are going for a blingy sparkly look or something more natural, DIY cat ear headbands are easy to make, and they always look cute and effective. Whether you are thinking of a Halloween costume or you just want your kids to look cute, this is an easy way to always look purrfect!

So how do you make DIY cat ear headbands? Here are a couple of ideas.

Pipe Cleaner Cat Ear Headband

First up you will need a thin black headband, some oversized black chenille pipe cleaners, scissors, and glue.

Cut the pipe cleaner to a length of around 12 inches. Fold the pipe cleaner in half. Shape the cat ear by folding the pipe cleaner into an upward point and then back down again. Repeat this on the other half of the pipe cleaner so that you have two upright ears (like a large M shape).

Glue the ends of the pipe cleaner to the headband and fix in place. Trim way any excess pipe cleaner with the scissors.

The ears will sit on top of your head and look very effective.

Paper Cat Ear Headband

You will need stiff black paper or cardboard, scissors, a ruler, a headband, and either Sellotape or glue.

First cut out your cat ears by drawing two equilateral triangles with 3 inches sides on your paper. After drawing your triangle, add ½” to the base of each triangle.

Line the ears up to ensure they are equal size and then fold the ½ inch area you left at each base.

Attach them to the headband using the ½ inch fold and stick them using either Sellotape or a glue gun. If you are using glue, give them enough time to dry before you wear.

Furry Cat Ear Headband

You can make DIY cat ear headbands more sophisticated by adding fake fur. To do this, follow the previous steps for making paper cat ear headbands but then cut fur fabric to the size of the ears. Glue the fabric to the paper, including the ½ inch area at the base of each triangle. And then fit to the headband as before.

DIY cat ear headbands are not difficult to make, and you can decorate and style them however you wish. You will need to have some basic craft supplies in stock, but with a little time and ingenuity you can create great kids fancy dress accessories very easily for practically zero cost. In addition, making your own DIY cat ear headbands is fun and creative and far more satisfying than buying in fancy dress supplies and is a whole lot of fun too.