Creative Uses for a Used Wood Door

An old wooden door does not have to be thrown away or burnt. With a little imagination and creativity, you can repurpose your used wood door into a spectacular and useful feature. Here are some ideas to help you on your way.

Decorative Ideas for a Wood Used Door

A used wood door can look great as a backdrop to a shelving unit. Fix the door in place to your wall and then use it as a support to simple wooden shelves. You can even fix a vintage mirror to the structure. A distressed wooden door can add a vintage appeal to your home décor and it gives you a place to display your ornaments or books.

Table or Coffee Table

If your used wood door is in reasonable structural condition, why not use it to create a table? You will need to construct a wooden frame support first, but this is a great way of getting a unique and attractive table top that you could not buy in the shops.

A used wood door can make a great coffee table too. Cut the door to the required size for the table top, and use the remaining pieces as a support to the sides. You may need to get an additional piece of wood for the base to strengthen the structure.

Garden Feature

Your used wood door can make a charming garden feature. Add a couple of shelves or a small table and paint it with a distressed finish. You now have a handy feature where you can store little bits and pieces that are useful in the garden.


A used wood door was built to last so why not use it to create a bench either for your lounge or for your garden? Cut the bench to size, remove the part with the handle, and use half of the door as the seat and the other half as the backrest.

Beverage Cart

If you have ever fancied having your own bar, your used wood table can make a fantastic beverage station or drink cart. Just add a couple of shelves for your drinks and a large one for the workstation and you are good to go. You can display and store bottles and handy utensils such as bottle openers, corkscrews, and an ice bucket. Don’t forget to paint your new unit first to give it a great distressed vintage look.

The important point to remember about used wood doors is that doors were built to last, and although this one may now have had its day as a door, there are still plenty of great uses for it. Giving an old door a new lease of life is a fantastic way to customize your home décor or bring extra interest into your garden.

Ways to Launch a Hair Salon in Your Home

Opening a hair salon in your home is a big undertaking. You might already be cutting and styling hair for your close friends and family at your kitchen table, but if you want paying customers too, you can’t just put a sign up that you are open for business. It is illegal to run a hair salon from your home unless you fulfil certain criteria. Strictly speaking it is technically illegal for a cosmetologist or hairdresser to do hair at home.

However if you do want to launch a hair salon in your home you can do it just as long as you go through the correct procedures and have the available space. First up, you need to make a business plan. Research is important so find out what the hair salon market is like in your area and identify your target customers. If it all looks good on paper you could be on to a winning idea!

How to Get Started

The law states that your hair salon should be divided from your living space by a permanent wall and have a separate entrance.

Before you start building, you should check with your local government office. You will need a license to open, and there may be other requirements such as a fire department licence and more. You will need to show your cosmetology licence as well. You need to get all your paperwork in order for your hair salon before you can open.

All this might sound like a hassle, but owning a hair salon and running it from your home can be fun and extremely profitable. Your home might be in just the right area which is crying out for a hair salon.

Choose Natural Hair Products

Once your hair salon is fully operational, you will need to think about hair products. Choosing toxin-free, organic hair products for your clients is ideal. One great product that caught our eye is Herbatint – a natural ammonia free and paraben free color range. Herbatint covers grey hair in one application and provides a fantastic choice of colors from the wild vibrant deep hues such as red and purple, to natural tints and highlights.

Herbatint is a well established family business based in Italy and is well known for its wide range of natural permanent colors. Because all Herbatint products are natural, they are great for nourishing your hair. They include herbal extracts such as witch hazel, rhubarb, and white birch. All hair colors are available and all shades give long lasting fantastic results.

Extremely popular in Europe as well and now available in the USA, Herbatint is probably the best hair color brand on the market today, yet is still inexpensive. So for the hair salon owner who needs to be mindful of costs but wants to provide good quality hair care, Herbatint is a winner all round. 

As for other natural hair products for salons, there are several great options out there. We wish you lots of luck in your efforts to launch a hair salon in your home.

DIY Mickey Mouse Centerpieces for Your Kid’s Disney-Themed Birthday Party

A themed party for your child is a great way to celebrate his or her birthday. And although fashions change, and cartoon characters come and go, the one cartoon character who stands the test of time is Mickey Mouse. We’ve all grown up with Mickey, and if you and your child love Disney, a Disney-themed birthday party is great! So how do you make DIY Mickey Mouse centerpieces for your table? We’ll show you how!

How to Make DIY Mickey Mouse Centerpieces

First of all, if you’re short on time, you can actually buy these. They are on sale ready-made from Walmart or from online suppliers and craft makers via Esty or Pinterest. However, it doesn’t seem difficult to create your own designs, especially when all the Mickey Mouse supplies that you want are available online or at the local crafts store.

Types of DIY Mickey Mouse Centerpieces

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece Kit

One great option is the DIY Mickey Mouse Centerpiece kit. This provides you with 30 great centerpieces to create different iconic Mickey designs. One of the nice things about these DIY Mickey Mouse centerpieces is that they are easy to use and that they look very individual and effective.

Felt Props

Alternatively, why not try a pack of assorted Mickey and Minnie felt fabric props? These are designed as photo booth accessories but can also be used to create DIY Mickey Mouse centerpieces, by just placing in candy jars or containers for the table.

More Party Decorations

Talking about the tables, if you are going full out Mickey Mouse, don’t forget the table decorations, cups and plates. A Mickey Mouse birthday banner complete with ears will make any small child feel special. The iconic Mickey colors of red, yellow, white, and black add to the atmosphere of fun and life, and provide a traditional American flavour to any kids’ party.

Party Favors

Candy Box

A kid’s party isn’t a party unless everyone goes home with a party bag. The Mickey Mouse candy box is great for filling with goodies. These triangular shaped boxes are easy to assemble and are available in packs of 50. They’re ideal for guests of all ages.

Mickey Mouse Ears

Finally, you can’t really have a Mickey Mouse themed party unless you have ears! Picoway Mouse Ears come in packs of 20 comprising of 10 plain black Mickey ears and 10 Minnie ears with the adornment of a red blow for girls. The sizes are adjustable and will fit a toddler head up to a full sized adult.

A Mickey Mouse themed party is a great idea for children of all ages. Compared with many modern Disney characters, the theme is enduring and simple and reassuring timeless. In addition, you can create the Mickey Mouse Disney effect very cheaply. 

DIY Mickey Mouse centerpieces are extremely easy to create out of some Disney props, colorful balloons and streamers, and some Mickey Mouse ears. It will be enough to set the mood for a very happy birthday!

Relax Lotion and Other Ways to Create a Home Spa Experience

After a busy day in the yard creating pallet furniture or doing yard work, you could use a home spa day! We all need to get some pampering into our lives but it is not always practical to spend time and money in a spa. So which relax lotion should you buy, and how do you recreate the full spa experience in your own home?

What You Need for a Home Spa

First up a spa experience is all about comfort, relaxation, pampering, and indulging yourself with time in a stress-free environment.

Turn off your phone and make sure you are not going to be disturbed. Nothing spoils a pampering experience more than being pestered by your family or having to answer phone calls from work.

Take a leisurely bath with lots of lovely fragrant bath bubbles or oil. Illuminate the bathroom with scented candles and play some peaceful music to get yourself into a Zen-like zone.

Plan your activities. Maybe give yourself a facial and prepare some hot towels to add to the sense of luxury.

When you visit the spa, one of the most important skin products is the relax lotion. This nourishes the skin and is filled with relaxing aromas that seem to take away the stress of the day.

There are some wonderful products out there used by professional spas. Although they may smell nice, in many cases these products contain harmful chemicals, such as parabens and sodium laurate, which could dry out your skin.

Natural Relax Lotion Options

If you are trying to stick to only natural skin care, these three brands have caught our eye. All brands have a wide range of natural skin care pampering products that will suit even the most sensitive skin.


Alaffia is an all in one skin treatment that contains natural botanicals and bee products including honey and pollen. Based on coconut and shea butter, this high quality relax lotion will leave your skin silky smooth and you feeling relaxed.

Alaffia is based on natural African skin care formulas. All products are chemical free and can provide a natural way to pamper and nourish your skin.


Weleda is a well established brand first founded in Germany in 1921. Known for its opposition to animal testing and for producing pure paraben free products, all Weleda products are suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Weleda lotions relax and moisturize the skin and you have plenty of choices available. Weleda Wild Rose Renewing lotion will nourish your skin and help you feel restored. Other Wild Rose products include Wild Rose Day Cream and Wild Rose Night Cream. All creams and moisturizers in the range can be used with equal confidence.

Derma E

Derma E is an eco-friendly brand of skincare that will pamper your skin. Crammed with healthy antioxidants and nutrients, this is a quality brand that delivers the luxurious experience of a relax lotion.

Choose from a wide range of products tailor made to your skin type. Derma E’s Jasmine and Vanilla Hydrating Shea Body Lotion will help you relax and will nourish your skin. Other skin moisturizers include Lemon Grass and Thyme Restoring Shea Body Lotion or Rose Lotion.

What will you do to prepare for your home spa experience?