Best Christmas Wood Crafts

We all love preparing for Christmas. It is a major part of the joy of the season and although it can get stressy with shopping and Christmas day dinner, why not embrace the season and achieve some inner Zen with crafts? The best Christmas wood crafts are those that are fun to do and get good results, so let’s take a look at a few ideas and get crafting!

Pallet tree: You need an old shipping pallet, some paint and some pom poms. First sand the pallet down and apply some wood stain so that it is an even natural wood colour. Once it has dried, paint a green Christmas tree in the centre, starting with the pointy end at the top and branching out as you get to the bottom. Once the green paint has tried, stick on some pom poms as baubles. The result is a rustic looking and attractive decoration which looks great in any room.

Ribbon Star: This beautiful rustic looking star is extremely easy to make. You need some red or green ribbon, some nails and an old piece of square scrap wood. First draw the outline of the star on the wood with chalk .Then fix old screws into the point of each star. Then get your Christmas ribbon and wrap it around each point of the screw so that it forms a star shape. Finally top off with a bow at the top of the star. This is such an easy project and it looks fabulous.

Log candle holder: Candles are beautiful and especially at Christmas. Just get a log from your wood store, preferably one that is already split in half (or you will have to split it yourself) and drill 3 or 4 holes to match the size of your candles along the curved side of the log so that the bark is visible. Stick the candles in place with glue and then add berries or decorative leaves for added impact. The best Christmas wood crafts are those which look authentic and this one certainly ticks that box!

I believe in Santa sign for the porch: A sign for your porch tells your guests you are ready for the holidays and that you believe in Santa! It is so easy to do.

Just get an unfinished wood shadow box and give it a lick of white wood stain or watered down white acrylic paint.

Once this has dried, paint on the word Believe in red and leave it to dry. Then apply a thin layer of chestnut wood stain all over and quickly wipe it off with a cloth so that it creates a grainy distressed look. Finally get some rustic twine and tie on a rustic jingle bell. Add some festive ribbons and pine cones for decoration and display in your porch.

The best Christmas wood crafts are those which incorporate natural elements such as pine cones, winter berries and objects used in an imaginative way. So take a look round your shed and your garden and see what you can come up with yourself. After all as long as you keep the style rustic, you cannot go wrong!For more inspiration check out the Rustic Pig guide to seasonal wood projects and find out how to create beautiful decorations for the holiday season.